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Magicshine TTA-C Out Front Bike Mount For Aerobars

Magicshine TTA-C Out Front Bike Mount For Aerobars


Suitable for most two-bolt integrated handlebars and aerobars;

Made from high-strength full carbon fibre, the TTA-C is lightweight, compact yet durable;

Mount 2 devices on handlebar and keep it tidy;

Top is compatible with 4 different type of mounts and GoPro mount underneath;

Come with 10 spacers for users to adjust to their perfect angle.


✔️ Compatible mounts :

      (I) Top : Garmin (Magicshine), Wahoo, Bryton & Giant mounts

      (II) Bottom : GoPro mount

✔️ Material : Carbon fibre

✔️ Weight : 23.5 grams

✔️ Dimension (mm) : 160 x 34 x 4


1 x Magicshine TTA-C Out Front Mount Bike Mount

4 x Mounting plate (Garmin/Magicshine, Wahoo, Bryton & Giant)

10 x Spacer

1 x GoPro adapter

8 x Screw (10/16/25 mm)

3 x Hex key (2/3/4 mm)

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